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Procedure for Sign-Up

Launch a web browser
from the main page http://www.tradingclinic/.com
Press the big Enter button
You will be redirected to a login screen
Left mouse click on "Create New"

You will be redirected to a screen with a scrollable disclaimer
and a form to input your details
You will then see a page saying
Successfully processed your request:
Successfully registered
Click the link that says "Click here to continue and Submit Payment"
You choose your own User Name / Password (minimum 3 characters)
Email address (Please genuine email addresses - As this will be the basis
for communication between me and you especially when I wish to send
out market related information)
When all fields filled in then left mouse click on Add User button
at the bottom of the page
This page gives details of the subscription
Click on the link "More Information/Subscribe"
This page gives the Subscription information
and at the bottom is a button "Click here to subscribe"
This then takes you to a PayPal payment form to actually pay your subscription
being LoginStep7 and final sign-up requirement