I have a 3 hour video available which is a clinic that I completed Sat March 3rd 2011 on line
which I am making available for 100 bucks. You will receive it as a link and so will give immediate access to you
The clinic focuses on Measured Moves, Correlation, Risk Management and Position Sizing and should really be taken by those that have already taken a previous TC Clinic but in reality is aimed at the UK STA Diploma course students.
It will also serve not just as a refresher course but a good insight into current market condition with the focus primarily on the S&P

This I received from one of the UK STA students:
I have finished reading the UK STA Diploma course, (The MP section is available as part of the Induction Course)
I found it to be well structured and very well written which makes it easy to understand .
I was surprised at the amount of information you are actually giving,
Very good quality advice I thought
I also reviewed our chat from Saturday (3+ hour on-line clinic - cc to the above link) today and I was very impressed with it,
I thought it was a very informative clinic and you explained matters very well and I'm pleased with how it went too,
Thanks again for your help,
I do like your views Alex on things and that helps me a great deal.

And this I got from a existing member when I said that another member was asking for a furlough on subscriptions because they were struggling to make ends meet
Quote Well they obviously are not reading your charts Alex. Unquote

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