TradingClinic Membership Subscription Rates

Please note my comments below re cancellations and refunds so that you understand how the system works
Any comments, questions etc please Email and Request further details

6 Day Trial - $15 billed after 3 days - Cancels automatically

--> Annual - $800 billed on sign-up and automatically re-billed $800 each subsequent year

Under exceptional circumstances I will allow monthly PayPal subscriptions at $80 per month but please contact me with a phone number to find out how to access this
PayPal® is the preferred method of payment
who also process Visa and Mastercard without necessitating a PayPal® account
however as some do not like PayPal®
alternative payment methods are available Email for alternative method of payment
I can also accomodate payments in British Pounds or Euros or Ausssie Dollars

Procedure document to become a Member

A word about cancellations and automatic renewals:

First if you wish to cancel then you must cancel any susbcriptions setup in your own PayPal account
Second with immediate effect that is dated today July 31st 2009 any refunds requested and processed by me will now attract an administration fee of USD39.00 per transaction
It is with regret that I have had to administer this charge but the time taken dealing with Paypal due to so called disputes which to date have always been resolved by my amicably refunding people for their own mistakes but it has become a burdonsome and time wasting excercise that I now find I have to charge for.
Now that I have announced this charge hopefully there will never be a need to administer this in the future

Email Request further details

Contact via VOIP:
go to Skype and download
Search for alleyb_uk

Contact via Telephone:
Internationally: +44 7880 600 349 Note this number is not often in use at the moment

When I am in the U.S. then use 1-786-301-3304